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BPD – Your trusted partner for residential real estate investments

Looking for an investment in real estate?

BPD (Bouwfonds Property Development), a subsidiary of Rabobank, is one of Germany’s leading residential real estate developers. We build and sell more than 2000 units per year.

Headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, we offer in-house expertise that spans to every aspect of the real estate equation, whether it is identifying and assembling sites, financing or master planning and architecture and design.

Want to get in touch?

Feel free to contact us:
Phone+49 69 509579 2989
E-mail: kapitalanlage@bpd-de.de

Developments all over Germany

Developments from Hamburg to the Bavarian Alps

With our 15 locations, we build apartments and houses in economically strong regions of Germany.

Therefore, we can offer you a wide selection of investment opportunities in coveted metropolitan areas such as Hamburg, Hannover, Berlin, Leipzig, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Munich or the region around charming Lake Constance, located close to the boarders of both Austria and Switzerland.

Why BPD?

  • 70 years of experience
  • No additional broker’s commission
  • Developments all over Germany
  • Exceptionally high building standards
  • Financing secured via Rabobank

What about furnished apartments?

Furnished apartments are constantly gaining popularity, especially in urban areas and are therefore well suited for your investment: 

  • Increased value of benefit for the tenant
  • Caters to a wide target audience from students and young professionals to business commuters
  • Higher return on investment

Check what you can afford

Interhyp, Germany’s largest and most trusted real estate financing broker, is the perfect partner when it comes to finding the best financing terms for you.

Financing for German Real Estate

Interhyp's experts help English-speaking buyers to find the best financing for their new home in Germany. To find out more, feel free to contact us.

Want to get in touch?

Feel free to contact us:
Phone number+49 69 509579 2989
E-mail: kapitalanlage@bpd-de.de

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